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All the bugs are now on the Zooomr Trac (http://trac.zooomr.com/trac) so don't add anything new here - add it to the Trac!

Remember to read the launch FAQ before submitting a bug. Your problem might be addressed there. Also check out the Zooomr help group.  This is only for bugs; to submit a request for a new feature, please see this page.

Notice: Do NOT click the blue edit button at the top of the page. Mouse over the section you want to edit (the background will turn yellow) and double click it to add your bug report. A text box will appear that allows you to edit only that section. This will reduce the possibility of accidental overwrites. Thanks!

Please end your bug reports with your Zooomr username and a datestamp. laughing


The World/Map

  • In the "Discover" section, if a photo appears in more than one section (last hour/day/etc), mousing over it shows the Lightbox button in the most recent thumbnail every time. -MalphasWats (This one appears to have been fixed! 2007-06-05, MalphasWats)
    • Daz has confirmed the same problem.
    • No it hasn't been fixed yet. -PeacefulBlueSky [2007-06-05]
    • Confirmed that it hasn't been fixed. -MalphasWats [2007-06-05]
    • Firebug showed that this bug is due to the fact that some thumbnails have been generated with identical ids, so the javascript activates on the first one it finds in the DOM, rather than the one that was actually mouseover'd -MalphasWats [2007-06-06]
    • Problem solved, there are now unique pictures and no more duplicates. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/9/07]
    • Oh no, duplicates are back and the problem is still there. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/17/07]

  • Updating the group description (while being signed in as administrator) does not work -kwiat (and someone else). / davidmxg: It works sometimes. Normally however the "update" button apparently will not cause a save. I have not identified any difference in method for what works or what does not.
  • Navigation to the group's admins/officers tab renders "error processing this page." eg http://beta.zooomr.com/groups/86@G01/members/tab-admins/ -Christos
  • The @ in the group urls give some troubles when you try to add these urls in some blogroll, the @ char is not accepted. -pregnantboy
  • 404 for Photo Pool, Events, Map -Ping [2007.06.05 GMT+8]
  • >>FIXED<<Groups that you shouldn't have access to still show under a members profile - eg: http://beta.zooomr.com/people/kristopher has "Zooomr admins" under "My Groups". Clicking it does not allow you to view the restricted group however. -Daz [2007-06-06]
    • This doesn't seem like a bug to me. It's logical to have a list of all the groups that the user are currently involved in. It doesn't matter if it is a
    •  restricted group or not. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/5/07]
    • At least it should be visualised with a little red icon to show the user immediately, that it's a restricted group. -Caboto [6/6/07]
      • It already is like this. I see red icons next to restricted groups. -PeacefulBlueSly [6/7/07]
        • Why isn't this marked as fixed? I think it was the intention from kristopher, just as you (PeacefulBlueSky) described it. -Caboto[6/12/07]
  • Group postings don't appear to be sorted in any meaningful order. I created a new thread in a group to which I belong, and it appears in the middle of the groups page. There are posts at the top from days ago, and some below posted before my own as well. -[6/6/07]
    • Posts are ordered by age. Still not sortable, but they've got a meaningful order. -Caboto[6/12/07]
    • I'm afraid it's not yet fixed. Sometimes the post are not ordered. A new topic is always on top, but a reply to a topic doesn't move it to the top. -Caboto[6/13/07]
  • Group postings are not sortable. -[6/6/07]
  • I can't reply to Posts in this particular group -> http://beta.zooomr.com/groups/166@G01/. It's a german group. Perhaps it has something to do with the Umlauts? Gonna try it without. -Caboto [6/6/07]
    • Doesn't seem to be a problem with the Umlauts. What I forgot: I was forwarded to the right url (with added #thereply, if i recall correctly), but it said "Page not found". I'm gonna test a little bit more later. -Caboto [6/6/07]
    • No problems for me but maybe that's because I'm using the English localization. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/6/07]
    • It really is a problem with the german umlauts (including ä, ö, ü, ß)! A reply without any umlauts works perfectly fine. As soon as there's one of the umlauts, there's a processing error. I can't start a new thread with umlauts either. But there are threads with umlauts. Gonna test a little bit more. -Caboto [6/7/07]
    • The problem lies within the Umlauts. At the moment it's impossible to create a thread or reply to a thread with any Umlauts (ä,ö,ü,ß). There are threads with umlauts, so I guess, the problem comes with a fix to another problem? -Caboto[6/12/07]
    • The same problem for Spanish language (á,é,í,ó,ú,ñ and ü), when send the message show: "Page not found" - Akirasan [2007.06.13]
  • The postcount for a thread should be reduced, whenever a reply is deleted. Doesn't seem to make any sense to show "3 Replys" if there is really only 1 reply and 2 are deleted. -Caboto [6/7/07]
  • In my group "Norge" (http://beta.zooomr.com/groups/251@G01/) I can't go to any of the "Edit" pages except for "Group Information". I'm on Firefox on Ubuntu 7.04. -forteller
  • The invite-to Link in groups shows only when viewing a thread. And: It's broken... Gives a "Page not found" Error. -Caboto[6/12/07]
  • Permalinks to individual thread posts don't work. -Ping [2007.06.14 GMT+8]
  • Just posted a new reply to this thread (http://beta.zooomr.com/groups/epicenter/discuss/162/) and was redirected to an url with page2 in it. The page only showed the original post and not the replies! -Caboto[6/16/2007]
  • Links in Groups titles are parsed into real links. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/6/07]
  • Finding groups. Could anyone tell me if there is a method of viewing all the groups? As far as I can see you can only view a selection of them at anytime, such as the ones which have been edited or added to recently, & this seems/was unpredictable. There should be a page with all the groups listed so at least you can scroll down or use a page search. Urgently required I think. The present system seems designed only to show groups or threads recently added to, which has the effect of group multiplication as new ones are formed because the old ones are not visible. It would be better the other way round. --davidmxg 20070708
  • When someone deletes a photo or thread, the "ghost imprint" of their post stays viewable and very much in the way. We have had many problems with people deleting their post or a wrongly posted large sized image and the footprint (ghost imprint) of their post stays in the way. So now we are forced to scroll around to get past it and it makes reading the threads really hard. Can you please remove the deleted footprint from the groups please, it does nothing for anyone except get in the way.

  • Read fanmail does not change its status from unread. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/2/07]
    • Fanmail change its status from unread if you reply. peppeg [09/06/07]
    • This is not a completely acceptable solution.  It should be read... when you read it. Thank for the workaround though. - VxJasonxV [6/17/07]
  • When sending a fanmail to someone, click on the 'sendZmail' button on their profile, their address is not automatically filled in in the 'to' box, tried to seach for them and it couldn't find anyone (looking at Firebug showed that the HTTPrequest seemed to just fail). - MalphasWats 2007-06-06
  • Wording: labels <> tags, on some screens you say tags (upload), on others labels (photo view), on some it's a mixture (sets > create new smartset) -till
  • Unable to change avatar. - Isn't this just disabled for now as opposed to being a bug?
  • Vimeo videos are displayed in a single size--they do not resize to fit the video's size. This makes widescreen videos look streched. Example -Homestar14
  • Lightbox isn't working. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/2/07]
    • Working for me, but VERY slow, like internet in the 90's slow. Working faster now. -seanmcgee
    • Lightbox isn't working for me on IE7 and WinXP w/ a high-speed connection. -zian
    • Fixed now. Thanks, Kris! - Zian
  • Cannot add people, all it says is "ha ha" when clicked, not very funny. -Rukasu
  • >>FIXED<<Search gives message "Uh Oh, there was an error processing this page!" and logs you out.
    • Search is good for me. Windows XP with IE and Firefox -Acbird
    • It's working for me too. No problems here. -PeafulBlueSky [6/5/07]
    • Works for me too - Zian
  • >>FIXED<<Both IE7 and Firefox can't seem to access http://assets2.zooomr.com/images/silk/door_out.png, gets stuck trying to load this image and causes the rest of Zooomr from not loading which breaks Lightbox, The World and other things for me. Can somebody verify and try this link to see if it works? -PeacefulBluesky [6/5/07]
    • Works for me. -Zian [June 5, 2007]
    • link works for me. i think you have a dns problem
      • It isn't, my other computers on my network can see that image fine. Might be some kind of Vista problem. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/7/07]
    • I'm going to attribute this to a quirk in my system and I've solved this problem by killing the specific image in question. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/7/07]
  • Not strictly a bug and not entirely sure what can be done but Gmail marks all of Zooomr's emails as Spam (might be the source of people's "no confirmation email" issue). -MalphasWats [2007-06-05]
    • Added this earlier to the list, but it seems to have been removed. This is likely to be a problem on many Zooomr member's mail accounts as the DNS entries for the mail server are not set up right. There needs to be a reverse DNS entry for the MX record so that mail servers can verify that an e-mail from Zooomr really is coming from Zooomr. This needs to be resolved urgently as potential new members may never see their welcome e-mail to sign in. -benwatt [2007-06-06]
    • Also, you should ensure your SPF records are set up correctly. Info here: http://www.openspf.org/  -whitenoiz [2007-06-07]
  • The chat client in TV/HQLive is configured wrong and there are lots of errors that says, "Undefined string" and the topic can't be read because of this. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/7/07]
  • Searching for photos with same tags from the actual user (that people icon in tags) gives results for other persons, too - campino2k
    • Search doesn't obey the [Everyone's Photo / Your Photos / Your Social Circle] selection, it always searches for in Everyone's Photos -Ping [2007.06.14 GST+8]
      • Same here-- seems similar to the old smartsets "restrict to your photos" problem -- eiriandiffaith [2007.06.14 GST+9]
  • >>FIXED<<Search results only returns the first 100 results, unable to page through the rest of the photos, e.g. search for sanfrancisco -Ping [2007.06.07 GMT+8]
  • No way to search private/ family-friends only pictures; the search only goes through those that are public, even when you are logged in  -- eiriandiffaith [2007.6.14]
  • >>FIXED<<Zipline shows thumbnails of uploaded photos even if they are set to private. --eiriandiffaith [6/12/06]
  • I have two ZMails and appears: $(amount)s nuevos instead of the number. Oh, and i readed the messages, but they are still like "new messages" - Draokor [6/12/07]
  • Photo views include repeat views by the same user.
    • This appears to be fixed... Could anyone confirm? - VxJasonxV [2007.07.08]

  • >>FIXED<<I can't change photos titles -yukyuk
    • I can edit photo titles okay in Firefox on Mac. Anyone else having trouble? -Homestar14
    • I'm also using Firefox on Mac, so it should'nt be a browser/platform error -yukyu
    • Sometimes you have to wait for the page to finish loading before the title become editable. After this, it will highlight the title on mouseover, and allow editing after clicking. If for whatever reason the page does not finish loading, the title is not editable. -Homestar14 [6/5/07 16:07 EDT]
    • I also have this problem, but it works for me if I change the picture's public/private information and click save for that. Afterwards, both the title and caption is editable. But if I come back to the page at a later time or refresh it, the title and caption reverts back to normal and can't be edited until I change the private/public information again. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/10/07]
  • I can not add a title when the title field is empty -Photomotion [6/17/07] -Update (3 minutes later): Now it works (wow, that was the fastest fix ever) -Photomotion [6/17/07] -Update (5 more minutes later): no, it does not work again -Photomotion [6/17/07]
    • I also have the same problem. Can't edit an empty title. Sounds like it is the same problem as the empty caption. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/17/07]
    • Temporary Fix: Click on privacy settings. Click on save and both the title and caption are now editable. But if you don't edit them now, you will have to do this again when you come back later or refresh. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/17/07]
  • Can't edit empty captions because there is no caption field.
    • I can confirm this problem. I my case the caption begins with a number. all other captions work. -jnandreae
    • Adding a description under a pic is possible only after a title is made editable and saved. (this is the case only if photos are uploaded without description or were migrated without description) -campino2k
    • Same here -behe
  • >>FIXED<< I can't change the name of the photos whose names are only numbers. If there are letters, I've no problem -dani
    • I have the same problem (Firefox on Windows XP) -jaylara
    • Same Problem here (Firefox on XP and Linux) -sint
    • Also have it, Firefox and IE on XP and Firefox and Epiphany on Linux. -Mastastealth [7/10/07]
    • Update: Seems to be working for me now. -Mastastealth [7/11/07]
  • >>FIXED<< Rotating the photos  doesn't work. Click either button results in page refresh and no change in photo. -seanmcgee, Tom, PeacefulBlueSky [6/10/07]

  • >>FIXED<<Clicking on a portal you have created will not take you to that photo; asks for sandbox credentials. -jaylara
  • Extracting labels, geotags, descriptions and titles from IPTC data of an uploaded image does not work if UTF-8 is used for IPTC character encoding (IPTC:CodedCharacterSet "UTF8"). -Overkill
  • Sometimes only thumbnail appears after upload.
    • Noticed it on many people's accounts. -Yuvi
    • For example here, here or here. Can this be fixed or should I delete them and upload them again? Because the photo is there in the original size! But also the camera info is missing... -Caboto[6/6/07]
    • Also happening to me, but for old pictures. For example http://beta.zooomr.com/photos/alankennedy/933832/ Is it going to get fixed? AlanKennedy[13/7/07]
  • >>FIXED<<Cannot delete photos. -jonward
    • Ok, now i can, it deletes but doesn't return to next photo i.e. appears not to have
    • I can delete photo but I'm taken back to page 1 afterward and not on the page where the deleted photo was -Pierre
  • Even when uploading just one photo, it usually adds it two or three times to my photostream. -Rukasu
    • Same for me, Ubuntu Linux FF2.0.0.4
  • >>FIXED<<I can't see fave photos. It says "This page was not found." -dani
  • >>FIXED<<Nothing happens after sending a comment on a photo page. Comments are saved though. -54m
    • Seems to reload the page and display the comment fine now. Marked as fixed. -Homestar14 [6/5/07 13:09 EDT]
  • Licensing information not available.
  • Cannot change pictures from Private to Public. -AcrophobicPixie
    • cant change private to public or vice versa - CJPHoto 18/6/2007
  • EXIF data does not appear when Motorola byte order is used. Intel byte order works.
  • EXIF data does not appear upon upload, missing camera data on my photos -campino2k
    • With new uploaded pictures, it works, but data is not shown for migrated pics -campino2k
    • It does not works for me. I try to upload several photos and often the EXIF info appear and the others no.... - Akirasan [2007.06.17 0:55 GMT+1]
    • for me no EXIF or IPTC data makes it to the photo page for any uploaded photo so far -Photomotion [6/17/07 07:47 GMT]
    • IPTC date no loading with bulk upload (not even keywords which was working previously) CJPhoto 18/6/07
    • EXIF data is incorrect/missing for photos exported from Lightroom.  Zooomer shows the date modified for datetime, but there is no field for the timestamp of when the image was taken.  Lightroom maintains this metadata for this field on exported photos. mvandani [6/22/07]
      • I confirm this problem still exists. - ping [2007.07.03 GMT+8]
  • I'm getting Operation Aborted message boxes in IE7 for some photos (e.g. http://beta.zooomr.com/photos/42537@Z01/1101964/).
    • same thing happens in IE7 with all photos having geotags -markusrsc [6/5/07]
    • I've got the same problem w/ geotagged photos only in IE7 - page loads, but operation aborts when tag info loads. -McBLG/BG
  • Photos having notes kill IE7 with 'stack overflow in line 0' (e.g. http://beta.zooomr.com/photos/michalportes/2411784/). -markusrsc [6/5/07]
    • Above IE7 Issues are very disturbing! They crash IE7 and photo's are not visible! Should be solved with high priority, since IE7 users (80% of internet population????) are excluded from a lot of pictures on Zooomr! - dada1 07/07/07
    • My picture mentioned above seems to cause several other problems due to its numerous people-tags. It doesn't appear in the search results for its tags and it shows as my least awesome which I think is incorrect. -michalportes, 2 Aug 2007
  • Color Code (primary secondary color of pics) identifying not displayed/available -campino2k
    • With new uploaded pictures, it works, but Data is not shown for migrated pics -campino2k
  • >>FIXED<<No Notes or Portal (faves or much other photo data e.g. metadata) using Firefox.
    • I'm using Firefox on Mac, and have no problems with notes, faves, etc. -Homestar14
    • I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu and don't have those problems. -daz
    • Appears to work now. Cheers guys. -acbird
  • >>FIXED<<Links in titles break title, all sizes and square view. -confirmed by bluemonki and 296?
    • They also result in Operation Aborted message boxes in IE7. -markusrsc [6/5/07]
  • Some photos appear on the YOU page, and exist on static.zooomr but the detail page is not found. Case 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and more. -sieghartvj [6/5/07], siegharuto [6/5/07] (fixed)
  • Can't add "people tags" to photos. Everything works until you click "save". Clicking "save" appears to have the same effect as clicking "cancel". -nega [6/4/07]
    • I had this problem just in Capital letter old accounts with problem (see Site problem "You" link is broken). You cannot add people tag "not zooomr user" if you don't write all the fields. -Goldmund100
    • I cannot people-tag users with the original numeric url (xxxxx@Z01) while people-tagging "michalportes" or "thomashawk" works fine. -michalportes, 2 Aug 2007
  • Thumbnail strip navigation left scroll button deactivates when you right scroll to the end of the strip. If you click on a thumbnail to shift the strip to the right, it reactivates. - TravisP [07/06/07]
  • When adding tags they are seperated by a ",". Still if I try to add a tag with more than one word, only the first word shows up. If I want to add a tag with more than one word I need to use quote marks around the words. This should be unnecessary when individual tags are sepperated with a ",". -forteller
    • cant use ; as a separate which some programs do (eg. Microsoft photo info) - CJPhoto 18/6/2007
  • Changing the visibility of a photo from public to private has never worked (IE7/Opera/win) - CadErik 07/06/07
  • I can set prices for other people's pictures and put them in the Marketplace.
    • I found you can set the prices for other people's pictures but it doesn't stick. If you came back to the picture the price has not been changed (after refreshing the page). It's still a bug because you shouldn't be able to change it even temporary. - Fogview [6/12/07]
  • some of the thumbnails are not viewable, but i can click inside to view difference size. http://www.flickr.com/photos/racso/540689641/ - oscarcck 11/06/07
  • Photo page: The row of pictures at the top of the photo page stops scrolling through pictures if you scroll to the end of the list (either scrolling to the beginning or to the end). - Fogview [6/12/07]
  • Line breaks inside captions are not preserved, text 'shrinks' to one big chunk being less legible (probably a minor issue, but anyway...) -Photomotion [6/17/07 07:49 GMT]
  • I can download others pictures in just 500 of width wich makes setting them as a Wallpaper looking ugly... --campino2k
  • >>FIXED<< Some of the SmartSets show up with 0 photos even though I know that some match. This may be a carryover from Mark II though. Some SmartSets would match my photos some times and have 0 photos other times without any changes on my part. The SmartSets that had 0 photos would change around. -toga [6/4/07]
    • I experienced the same problem - try deleting the MII smartses and recreating them - seemed to work for me. -kosta [7/6/07]
    • I am currently experiencing the same problem.  Editing the existing smartsets does not fix the matter, and I have tried creating new ones and so far am having no luck. - nitallica [6/10/07]
    • I had a lot of smartsets in MII.  Is that really the only way?  If it's going to be fixed, I'd rather just wait rather than wasting all that effort to create a bunch of new/old smartsets.  Also, I noticed today that a bunch of my old smartsets aren't there any more. - [6/22/07]
  • >>FIXED<< Now there appears to be no way to edit SmartSets. -toga [6/4/07]
    • Again, try deleting them and recreating them. -kosta [7/6/07]
    • >>FIXED<<Cannot save changes to SmartSets. -Smudgypixels
      • >>FIXED<<For pre-M3 sets, newly created sets are editable -Ping [2007.06.05 GMT+8]
  • Smart Sets thumbnails are not displaying properly. Example -Konquest 
    • Temporary Fix: I have the same problem, but I was recreated the old SmartSets (and delete after) to news SmartSets (in pre-M3) and fixed the problem. -Akirasan [2007.06.05 17:00 GMT+1]
  • >>FIXED<< Created a SmartSet with 2 photos in it but my sets-page says, that there are 33 photos in it. -thopex [6/4/07]
    • Same with a private set with tag "bw". Check out the screenshot.
  • >>FIXED<<The SmartSets are actually showing the count of everyone's photos that match your filters while only displaying your images that match the filters. You can see this if you change the option from "Your Photos" to "Everyone" then the count will match the number of images shown.
  • >>FIXED<<Looks like viewing Smart Sets is not working again. It was working for a while, but since last night, I haven't been able to view them. -toga
    • >>FIXED<< I take it back. I'm able to view other people's sets, but it doesn't seem to be able to display mine
    • >>FIXED<< It looks like I'm able to view my SmartSets again. -toga [6/4/07]
    • >>FIXED<< Once again, all my smartsets have zero photos in them. - toga [6/22/07]
  • >>FIXED<<No sets page for some people. homestar14, cheer, DaveE, Pierre -PeacefulBlueSky [6/5/07]
  • In IE7, I get an error when creating new smartset: Line: 719 Char: 5 Error: Invalid argument. Code: 0. The link: http://beta.zooomr.com/photos/11403@z01/sets/build/ - was similar in Zooomr Mark II
  • Photos in smartsets don't aren't actually ordered by the photo date, despite choosing date ordering in the smartset dialog. In fact, I don't see any logical pattern behind the order of the photos. -kosta [07/06/07]
    • It appears that if I sort by 'awsomeness' they *are* sorted by date. -kosta [8/6/07]
  • >>FIXED<< Just to clarify, since the above reports seem pretty conflicted: SmartSets still do not work! Everything goes smoothly up to and including the setting of a cover photo, but then the set is still empty. -dankdenkmal [19.06.07] -bcars [7/2/2007]


  • 404 on Storefront, Account and Favorite.
    • Clicking "Storefront" from the "You" page is a dead link showing "This Page was Not Found." - Fogview [6/12/07]
  • The website is slow when accessed from Europe, Canada and the US.
    • Rendering speed is at most times nearly equal to flickr, file deployment is faster than flickr in Germany -kwiat
  • >>FIXED<<After logging in on Firefox it brings you to a blank page. I'm using Firefox on Mac and I do not have this problem with OpenID (maybe it is with the other login). However, this may just be the blank page problem that comes up every once-in-a-while due to server load. -Homestar14
    • >>FIXED<<I get the same problem and I'm going to attribute this to server problems for now. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/5/07]
  • "You" link is broken on some accounts - pazzer (I get "This Page Was Not Found", openid pre m3 on Firefox) fixed for me
    • Also get the same error when selecting "your photos" link
    • does not work with pre-MKIII accounts but is working on all the people's accounts I've asked to sign up since, openID and email. -Daz
    • I have a pre-MKIII account, and the "You" link works for me. -Homestar14
    • Update: We may have located the problem. Some people's accounts reverted to the people/arhe@ijfij (RANDOM) format from the people/username format. JulieB found her old random URL, and it worked. This means that these people will not be able to access their photos or "You" page unless they have their original URL laying around. Once profile editing is back online, and you can change your URL again, this will be solved. I am able to use my old random URL for Profile & Photos main pages but use new one for individual pictures. The confusion between the two lots of URLs may be causing problems for SETs button. - GarethT
    • Update 2: This problem, on some accounts, has to do with capital letters in your name. Message Kris or Thomas Hawk for help. -Homestar14
    • >>FIXED<< My homepage was fixed (Cheers Tom), but photos that have the URL with capitals do not work, while their equivalent lowercase address does work. .../LGD/2413441/ does not work, but .../lgd/2413441/ does. Could the two be made equivalent? ~LGD [10/6/2007] Thanks! ~LGD
    • Also does this fix have to be done on a case by case basis? I'm sure there are users with uppercase names who don't know what's going on.. ~LGD [10/6/2007]
  • Localization is not fully effected in some languages (Tamil, for example)
    • >>FIXED<< French and German either... -Konquest and kwiat
  • OpenID login occasionally causes a 500 server error and fails for some users (logs out) -kwiat (and someone else)
    • OpenID doesn't work for me, at all. EDIT: I wanted to clarify this somewhat.  I'm trying to use OpenID delegation.  That is, I'm trying to sign in with my URL (http://www.whatever.com).  Zooomr should see my url and see the redirect tags in my header, but that part is failing.  I talked with Thomas over IM about it, but wanted to provide more detail here. the url for my blog post about this is: http://urltea.com/s0a .  I'm able to sign into other sites using this Delegation method (many people use it) including ma.gnolia, jyte, and others. -techcraver
    • OpenID login also gives me a 500 Server Error - It worked up until yesterday (7/6/07) -bryanpearson
    • OpenID isn't working at all, can't log into my account whatsoever.
    • OpenID worked for me before the last downtime yesterday (5th June 07), now authentication always fails. -behe
    • >>FIXED<<Even when OpenID works to login, it logs me out sporadically after only a few minutes (or now, more like 30 seconds) -eiriandiffaith
      • >>FIXED<<the system logs me out all the time during usage
      • >>FIXED<<happens to me as well when using Opera, does not happen with IE7 -markusrsc [6/5/07]
      • >>FIXED<<this is now happening to me as well on FireFox - pazzer [7/5/07]
    • >>FIXED<<OpenID seems not to work with Opera (XP SP2 + Opera 9.21). It logs in to OpenID but no redirection to Zooomr.
  • >>FIXED<<Front page not loading, "An unhandled exception was thrown by the application."
    • same here, but only the first time. Pressing "Refresh" loaded the page. -seanmcgee
    • same here all the time since launch, happens with every page not only frontpage, no matter how much I refresh and which browser I use. I'm in Norway. It's working today, didn't change anything -r0l4n
    • Maybe is the language. I had that problem. Try with Firefox on English. -jam1138
    • No puedo entrar desde España, aparece este mensaje "An unhandled exception was thrown by the application." -jose87
      • Fix: Hay que entrar con el navegar en ingles / Enter with the english language in the browser -Akirasan
      • Update: I have tested that this issue and it works correctly. -Akirasan [2007.06.05 17:00 GMT+1]
  • >>FIXED<<Can't switch to other language.
  • >>FIXED<<Users with accounts that cannot log in.
  • >>FIXED<<No more RSS.
    • This was fixed two days ago. And the announce icons (i.e. the RSS link in the address bar) were restored yesterday. Go nuts! - VxJasonxV [2007-06-24 @ 12:49PM GMT-7]
  • Trackbacks missing.
  • No Pro4Life badges.
    • Update: Pro4Life has not been lost, it just isn't showing up. Kris knows who is Pro4Life, and status will be added again shortly. -Homestar14
    • Pro4life badges are crucial and should reunite the fans of Zooomr.
    • In some cases it's showing a Pro badge in place of Pro4Life.
  • Some easy to fix HTML validation warnings (eg. "missing </div>", "<img> lacks 'alt' attribute", "unescaped & which should be written as &amp;") -Overkill
  • No confirmation/update when adding tag/zipline/comment - hard to tell if successful IE7 only? -McBLG/BG
    • In Firefox, there's a status that says, "Updating" so no problems here. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/5/07]
  • >>FIXED<<500 - Internal Server Error when navigating through site -gooshum
    • Update: Temporary error -Akirasan [2007.06.05 GMT+1]
  • "Recent Activity" no longer available? -Ping [2007.06.05 GMT+8]
  • When logging in with OpenID, pressing TAB when the cursor is in the login field takes you to "Cancel" instead of "Let's go exploring". More of an annoying than anything else. -Konquest [6/6/07]
  • When clicking on the "relationship" link of a "newest contact" notification e-mail from Zooomr, you are taken to the page where you can select which activity you'd like to follow and whether you'd like to make the person a contact, friend, and/or family. If you are not signed in, clicking on "OK" just reloads the page and unticks the options you selected. It would be better if you were prompted to sign in instead.
  • >>FIXED<<"Learn More" at the bottom of the Zooomr page leads to a dead link "This Page was Not Found." - Fogview [6/12/07]
The World/Maps
  • "The World" photo map does not have any map data, nor photo data. Individual picture map's (when geotagged) seem to be fine.
    • For me it is hit-or-miss whether or not the photos appear. Sometimes they appear right away, other times they take a minute, while other times they don't load at all. However, I think this is because of the server problems/slowness. -Homestar14 [6/5/07 16:07 EDT]
    • It always shows up for me but it's slow, very slow. I wish it was as perky as flickrvision. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/5/07]
  • >>FIXED<<Viewing maps results in a Google Maps API key error.
    • I'm not getting any API errors anymore--I'm assuming fixed. If anyone says different, say below. -Homestar14
  • Clickwheel doesn't zoom like Google Map. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/4/07]
  • >>FIXED<<The World search bar no longer functions.  It no longer give suggestions or goes someplace when enter is pressed. -Homestar14 [6/7/07 18:48 EDT]
    • Works now. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/17/07]
  • No pictures are showing up. -PeacefulBlueSky [6/17/07]
  • The World page contains two "errors on page" in IE7, map info is therefore not loaded. -Emploi du temps [7/1/2007]


  • Upload webform does not work with Safari currently.
    • Temporary Fix: Use Firefox. -Homestar14
    • Linux (latest ubuntu) + firefox, flash stuff to upload does not work, it does not "see" pictures in a folder, please add CAPITALIZED version of the extension (e.g. .JPG) .-magnus
    • Linux (latest ubuntu) Firefox sometimes crashes with the new upload page - michelinux
  • >>FIXED<<Upload photos page hangs even though photo has been uploaded. Photo uploads successfully and redirects back to Your Photos.
    • I have this problem in Firefox for Mac too. The photo uploads, the page stops loading, and does not redirect anywhere. -Homestar14
    • Same here w/ Windows. -Rukasu
    • Same for me w/ Mac and Firefox. -Delaware Now works for me! -Delaware
    • Same Problem here, sometimes the whole browser just crashes after upload w/ linux & firefox -sint
    • same for me. ff on fedora core 4. - scherbi (desparate to upload!)
    • ubuntu + linux, uploads seems to end, and the page refresh crashes firefox - magnus
  • >>FIXED<<When uploading multiple photos only one gets uploaded, shown multiple times. -KennethVerburg
  • >>FIXED<<The upload function sometimes fails, the browser status shows "looking up .zooomr.com"
    • This should all be fixed with the new uploader. - VxJasonxV [06/19/2007]
  • jUploadr and PictureSync are unable to authorize a new account.
    • jUploadr should work by Monday someday Judgement Day. -Homestar14
    • Probably related, some users API keys have been revoked (or just not moved over). -callingshotgun
    • Please give jUploadr access - regular upload too buggy to be relied upon. -muonics
  • >>FIXED<<Upload form hangs for bloody ages and then pops up with an error message. Once when I got back to my photos page it just showed the filename and a "This photo is currently unavailable" notice instead of my book cover. -behe
  • >>FIXED<<Privacy setting is not saved, every photo I upload appears as 'public' even I checked the private check in the form. -Delaware Huge bug! Do fix it asap please.

    • I have a test and it works now. It's fixed. - Akirasan [2007.06.17 0:46 GMT+1]

  • >>FIXED<<tried uploading two photos with portrait layout, but it continues to upload as landscape. I've verified that the image is in fact a portrait and tried uploading twice. - Lon
  • >>FIXED<<Photo Uploads: Tags don't get uploaded with the pictures (from the Upload page) - Fogview [6/12/07] It is extremely important so please treat it as top priority.
    • The Tags are getting now when upload. Fixed - Akirasan [20007.06.17 0:46 GMT+1]. UPDATE: Sometimes it works,...¿?¿? - Akirasan 
    • This seemed to work when the new upload form went live tonight (2007-06-16) but then tags stopped being added. - Teclo
    • no, not for me, I just uploaded four photos and entered tags on the upload form, some one word, some multi word and the tags were not taken to the photo pages -Photomotion [06/17/2007]
    • the tags dont stay at all for me using the new upload, using firefox on xp
    I think this is fixed; please "un-check-mark" it if there are still problems, anyone -- eiriandiffaith (6/26/06)
  • >>FIXED<<Photo Uploads: Sometimes the Uploading page never goes away when uploading multiple pictures (browser status line shows: sending request to beta.zooomr.com; waiting for beta.zooomr.com; done) using Firefox on WinXP - Fogview [6/12/07]
  • After I uploaded a long list of photos only the first 19 were correctly uploaded. The others were not uploaded, even the upload page said completed. After that when I upload a new picture the progress bar reaches the 15% and then says completed, without uploading the photo. The incriminated photos are here. - michelinux
  • Photo Uploads: Upload screen uses the term "tags" but on the photo page they are called "labels" - Fogview [6/12/07]
  • New Mass Uploader: everything seems to upload smoothly, but upon returning to the Photos page, only one photo from the batch will have uploaded successfully, and sometimes none at all! - dankdenkmal [18.06.07]
    • Probably same problem: yesterday, the new uploader worked very fast, but today, though it says "completed" for everything, none of the pictures actually show up. -eiriandiffiath [18.06.07, 8:07 am]
    • Confirmed, Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2007031001 Iceweasel/ (Debian- and flash v9.0 r31. -nega [18.06.07, 1445EDT]
    • Confirmed, Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; de; rv: Gecko/20061023 SUSE/ Firefox/ -jnandreae [2007-06-20 22:52 MESZ]
    • Confirmed, Opera/9.21 (X11; Linux i686; U; en) and flash v9.0 r31. Flash is calling the gtk+-2.0 file dialog, and then dying after clicking "OK". -nega [18.06.07, 1445EDT]\
      • It has begun working for me again, though the tags still don't show up--- is there anyone who had this problem for whom it still does not work? --eiriandiffaith [2007.06.22]
        • Still not working for me, some photos simply just won't load. I adblocked the uploader swf and use the regular HTML file upload. That worked fine, albeit slower since I can only upload one photo at a time. 10+ photos that won't load at all using the Flash uploader (after 3 attempts) have all been loaded successfully so far. Anyone else having problems can give this a try. - Ping [2007-06-25 GMT+8]
  • EXIF data doesn't seem to show up for any of my pictures uploaded with the new mass uploader. -eiriandiffaith [18.06.07, 8:09 am]
    • Update: EXIF data shows up for those pictures which have been taken by a particular Olympus camera and whose orientation I've changed in the default microsoft picture viewer; not for anything else. --eiriandiffaith (6/25/07)
  • On the new upload page, if you add some pictures to the uploading list after you started uploading, the pictures seem to be uploaded but are not shown in your photos after finished uploading. - michelinux
    • Actually, this is happening even if all the pictures are added at once. I uploaded 50 pictures in one go, all said 'completed', but only 40 or so actually made it up. -sinthome (29.06.07)

(End of file)

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